(Ducati parts specialist)



This auction is for 8 SILVER color TITANIUM screen screws/bolts, plus 8 nylon protective washers, that are a direct replacement of the standard Ducati screen screws on the 848 & 1098 all models.




(Note: Our titanium screws are a direct replacement of the stock screws and fit the Ducati OEM well-nuts used to secure the screen.  Many generic aftermarket well-nuts have a coarse thread)







Our screws use a standard 3mm hex key and not the really annoying T7 Torx key that you can’t find!






These dimpled titanium screws add really great detail and uniqueness to your screen look.




Change out those cheap looking plated Ducati screen screws, and don’t use screws that come from the local hardware store. Give you bike the detailed finish it deserves with TITANIUM screen screws with the awesome looking “dimpled” design.






Also check out our matching fairing screws with the same unique design.




The cheap plated bolts Ducati used as standard quickly corrode and look terrible. Replacing these bolts with stronger, lighter corrosion resistance TITANIUM bolts is a quick and easy upgrade for all Ducati’s.







 – Made from a billet of aerospace grade Titanium

            – CNC Machined

            – Exact match to the stock Ducati bolt

            – 40% Lighter than the stock part

            – Stronger than steel



Check out our full range of replacement Titanium bolts including banjo’s, combination banjo’s and bleed nipples and bleed nipples in SILVER/NATURAL, BLUE & BLACK.